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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Return from vacation.....

This is what greeted us upon our return home.

We had a wonderful vacation visiting my oldest brother
in FL. We got to see my niece and great niece who are both
just lovely.

We saw my nephew and his wife and great nephew, wife
and kids. And my nephews' wifes' daughter.
And we got to meet my brothers' girlfriend. She is
a treasure. They are so in love and happy and it just makes
me smile to think about them!

Then we moved on to GA. and visited my friend from
forever and her husband. They took us to see sights and
fed us like we hadn't eaten in months. One of the things
I do miss about living in the south is the cooking. My
friend cooked collard greens for me that were to die for!!

We made it home safely and both of us have a bad cold
and cough. The perils of travel. But I wouldn't trade it for
anything!! We didn't get to see everybody I had hoped but
it was up lifting to see family and friends that I haven't seen
in too long. I love them all and miss them.

Until next time,



Florence said...

Glad you got to see lots of people on your trip. Get well soon. Florence

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Annette!!! I hope you're feeling better honey, colds just beat you down....thank you so much for visiting my little ol' booth at Antique Griffin!!!! You are such a sweetheart for buying some of my goodies and leaving me a note! I still need to add so much to the space, it's quite naked!!! Thank you again, and please take care of yourselves and feel better ~ hugs and love, Dawn

AuroraSuzette said...

Love your flowers! My tulips don't have buds yet, but the leaves are up. We had snow yesterday up here in Lewis Cty. How'd you fare?

Teresa said...

Those photo's are gorgeous. All my favorites!


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