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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Cowboy followed me Home

I found him this weekend while I was out with a friend. I
was not looking for Cowboys but this guy just caught my
eye and I decided to take him home. The landscape reminds
me of central Oregon. Many people don't realize that on
the other side of the beautiful mountains is a high desert. Hmmm,
I am growing more fond of this cowboy and may just keep him.

This picture may give you an idea of how eclectic
my taste is. The purple is strands of crochet. The
pink lamp is very sweet and the bottom part lights
separately...sort of like a night lite. Of course I love
baskets....but rick rack?? Silvery, sparkling rick rack?
I don't even know if I am spelling it correctly. It will
probably go to the shop or the flea market.

There really is quite a bit on that cardboard........

Lately, for some reason, I am drawn to wire baskets. And
they don't have to be old or even some unusual shape....
They just seem so functional. If I don't like the color
I can just spray paint them!

Here is one I found that I like just the way it is.

A different view. It sort of seems to have an attitude. I
like the curly with the all the other shapes.
The flea market season is starting and I'm getting excited.
I often wonder if the people who just drop by a flea market,
but don't go to thrift stores or garage sales or estate sales,
have any idea how much work it takes to pull one together.
Before I ever did one I had no concept. What I do know,
is that they are fun and the people are wonderful. While I've
been a collector forever, I am a newcomer to this adventure.
I treasure the friends I've made.
I think I need to go now and check on the cowboy. I'm not
sure how to break it to Mr. Attic,


Florence said...

What a cool cowboy picture you got there. I know what your going through collecting so many things. Happy Junking. Florence

~~Carol~~ said...

That's a great old cowboy picture! And my most favorite houses are the ones that are decorated eclectically. So much more personality!

sherri s. said...

Ooh, that wire basket calls out to me. I have an affinity for them, too...I think they mate with all of the trugs and tool carriers I have out in my shed--where else are they all coming from?


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