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Monday, April 12, 2010

I went to Miami for the Weekend

But this Miami isn't in Florida. It is at South Beach
State Park just south of Newport, OR.

Usually twice a year we go "yurting" with 5 other couples.
If you don't know what a yurt is----you are looking at one.

This is Mr. Attic unlocking the door. I am not one who
really likes to rough it very much. Yurts are my friend.
They have locking doors, windows, heat, electricity (lights
and plugs) and furniture. Plus a wood floor and a patio.

They come with the futon for extra sleeping, plus a table with
four chairs. There is also a clear dome at the top that can
be opened in good weather. The walls are made of a canvas-
like material.

This is the bed which is a queen-size on the bottom. The
windows are covered with curtains for privacy and are made
with outside covers to protect from winter weather. The
windows are really more like screens.

Yurting is a blast. The yurts have fire pits and at least one
picnic table. No cooking allowed inside the yurt. We take a
blow up air mattress to add some comfort to the bed. Many of
the Oregon and Washington state parks have yurts. We have
stayed at many different parks and if you are interested you
need to make a reservation 9 months to the day ahead of
when you want to go. Something different to think about!

AND, stay tuned as A Vintage Gathering is having a Flea Market
May 8th and details will be coming soon......

Mark your calendar,



Anonymous said...

Your "Yurting" trip sounds like fun.

Looking forward to May 8th. I'm getting my "goods" ready!

The Christmas Coop

Sammy Girl said...

We like the yurts, too. I have to admit, though, the CABINS at the state parks have become my favs! Hope I can be there on the 8th!
Betty :)
ps ... love the flowers from your earlier post!
B :)

Florence said...

We need to give those yurts a try. Florence

Mitzi Curi said...

I've never heard of a yurt before, so I just learned something new! Thanks for entering my blog contest/giveaway, and best of luck to you!



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