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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Part 2: So, I changed my mind.

I am going to jump to the most awful part of this little trip
and then I will tell you why I changed my mind and decided
this was not the vacation from he!!.

After we were in bed in Santa Fe, our friends came pounding
on our door. They had just learned that the two couples in the
SUVs, who had gone on to Mesa Verde, had been in an accident.
No one was critically injured. However, one friend had a fractured
vertebrae in her lower back and both cars were totalled!

(just a random highway scene)

They had found snow in Mesa Verde so decided not to
camp. The RVers set up in Mesa Verde anyway but the
other two went on toward another location. One car came around
a corner and hit an inch of hail on the road. She spun out and up an
embankment and back into the road and then up the embankment
again. On the other side of the road was a 40 foot drop into a ravine.
As car 1 is coming down the embankment and into the road, car 2 hits
car 1. This causes car 1 to move forward and stop (thus not going over
and into ravine) but causes car 2 to roll twice.

Both cars were totalled. The only severe injury was the
fractured vertebrae. She was the driver of car 1. Her husband
got a cut from his sunglasses and a bruised shoulder from the seat
belt. The friends who rolled were cut a little because all the glass in
the car was broken and they had a couple bruises.

They all made it home OK. We spent 2 days in Santa Fe and came home.

(windmills on our way home)

Last night I watched tv, about all the bad weather, people loosing
their homes, their lives, their loved ones. And I realized that our
vacation was not from he!!. When we couldn't camp, we could afford to
get a room somewhere nice. We ate good food and saw beautiful sights.
We enjoyed each others company, as we always do. And when our friends crashed, they lost cars which can be replaced. They were blessed and we
were blessed. It was not the vacation any of us wanted, it could have ended
in a horrible way. But we are all safe at home and planning our next adventure.
So I feel gratitude and happiness. I hope the same for each of those who read this.


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