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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ending October at Andy's Attic

Today I went to Uncovered Ruby to "fluff" my little Attic. I took out a desk
and put in a table and really had planned on not doing much more. I had
packed a few items to add to the space but told myself that I need to get
home to work on things for the Vintage Gathering Christmas Emporium.

And then something came over me. You may know the feeling.....things
just need to be rearranged. Not just fluffed, but put in new places, moved
around, given a new look. My husband calls it "playing house" when I do it
at home. So I guess this would be called "playing Attic"? All I know is that
when it is done, I secretly know that it will never be "done". And so at some
point I just say OK and walk away, knowing that I will be back to "play Attic"
another day.
Now back to work............Annette (I think some little gremlins got in my
blog and "fluffed" this post)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Peeks

A few more little things for you to see.

The book ends are frogs on a leaf. The rose picture
has a beautiful old frame. And the bowl is Austrian.

A great old box and a sweet tray with lace under
glass. Old candle sticks and the black and white are

More aprons...I just keep finding them. A French
canning jar and little nicknack's.

A better view of the cute Scotties and the very
sweet plate of birds. This is a fraction of what is
in my garage.
We are up to about 15 venders at this point. We are all
trying to give you our very best for this show. You can
shop early for the Holidays and be done with shopping.
OK, that may be unrealistic of me but is sounds good.
There will be a little bit of everthing.....furnature both
large and small, Christmas decor, kitchen things, sewing
notions, home decor, primitives, folk art, antiques, books,
pictures, linens, and more. Vintage, vintage, vintage.
And remember, we are putting out new things every day.
So come early and come often. Nov. 6 through 15 from
10 AM to 6 PM. More info to follow, Annette

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peek a boo

This is a small sneak peek at some of the linens I am
taking to the Vintage Gathering Christmas Emporium.

This little blue and pink apron is for a child.

These are one dozen pink napkins with silver trim.

Here is a delightful pillow with fall colors and some fruit
on the other side.

This cutie is a dresser scarf with the sweet little dog.
I haven't blogged in a while because I came down with the flu
just the night before our planned trip. My husband went on
because the trip was to visit his family. I stayed home and
took care of myself. Now I am back in the saddle and getting
things ready for our Christmas Emporium. I will have little
peeks every so often just to keep you interested.
Until next time enjoy your hunt for treasures, Annette

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vintage Gathering Christmas Emporium Sale

Here is info on the Vintage Gathering Christmas
Emporium Sale. All of us have been getting
ready for a while...and really hope you can
come by and see us. Just click on image to
enlarge. Check back for new details.
Hope to see you there, Annette

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beautiful, Beautiful Sky

I cannot resist a sunset. Hope you enjoyed the view.
Sweet dreams,

It's Fall

The mums are happy to be in bloom

The wildflowers are making their last stand

Many of them have gone to seed.

The herb garden is ready to take a little nap.

But they did a great job of growing this year.

And flowers are putting on their last show.

I'm taking off for a little while. Time to visit family
and friends. When I get back there will be news about the
upcoming Vintage Gathering Christmas Emporium.
Enjoy your time as I will mine,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A fun giveaway

Flea Market Style is having a fun giveaway. It is the cutest pink tool kit!! Just go to their blog to enter.

Good Luck,


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