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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally, some goods from my trip

First of all, I wasn't going to get any more linens.

And then we went to a moving sale where this wonderful lady
was selling things from her old shop and trips to Paris.

I lost my resolve. (Usually I do)

If you have been to my space at Uncovered Ruby or seen
me at A Vintage Gathering, you know I am a "smalls"

The largest thing I got on the trip was the goat in my previous
post. But the whole back of the SUV was full......what does
that tell you?

These were the sweetest little gift cards.

I also have an affinity for vintage planters/pots.

And of course I stock up on cookie cutters, when I find them,
for the Christmas season.

Again, more linens. A gorgeous mohair throw and I cannot
resist the bright table cloths even if they are not old. And
look at the cute little dolls.

Not sure where they are from so if you know anything
about them I would love to hear from you.

These old pinking shears are in perfect condition!

This is sample of what I found. These items will show up at
my space at Uncovered Ruby or at our next Vintage Gathering.
There is more but I must have some surprises. Now I must go
get these ready for you. Until then, be safe and well,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Trip from Heaven

First, let me introduce you to:
Sir P. Townsend The Junk/Yard Goat

He was found on the deck at my friends sisters home.
I fell in love with him (odd taste, I know) and when I
told her she said he was for sale. They had planned on
putting him in their store in Pt. Townsend.

This is their store.....Summer House. It is by far the best
little shop in town. It is full of fun things both new and old.
Visit their web site
and if in Pt. Townsend, stop will not be sorry!!

This is a picture from the deck at their home.
We sat on the deck to visit as the sun set.

And this is where we stayed. A wonderful hotel within
walking distance of downtown Pt. Townsend.

Isn't it just a great looking place? Very charming. And
our room had a separate bedroom and a kitchen included.

This is the lobby.

And the ceiling...gorgeous!!!!!

This was the most interesting looking thrift shop we
stopped to explore.

This truck was parked outside. UGH!!!!

This store in Pt. Townsend allows you to buy 10 items
at 50% off during your birthday month. Well, it just
happened that my friend Karen had a birthday in Aug.

While you shop they have you wear the Birthday Hat.
Karen found treasures and reaped the benefit of being
an Aug. Birthday Woman!!

In three days we hit 18 thrift stores and two garage sales.
Both g sales were people who had had a shop or had
done flea markets. Such good finds!!
The drive up and back takes 5 hours each way. We also
spent time exploring Pt. Townsend....eating at great
restaurants, seeing cute shops, touring the quaint streets,
seeing darling cottages and beautiful homes. It is a great city.

We stopped in Pt. Orchard on the way up and on the way

There were many stops to be made. We visited Longview,
Lacy, Olympia, Pt. Orchard, Bremerton, Pt. Townsend, and

We went to many Goodwills.....

Some Value Villages....

But we couldn't go to this shop because it was out of
business....wonder why.....
This was the best junk trip in the world. We went non-stop
every day...our time was booked! Karen is the person who
really introduced me to junking in the 60's. She is fun and
easy to be with and just one of the most wonderful women
in my life. We came home with many treasures and I will
show those in another post.
Until then, be safe and well,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I get the BAD BLOGGER award

I have been tending to my garden and home for the last
whatever. Tomorrow a friend and I are leaving for a three
day junk-a-thon. I can hardly wait. We are headed up to Pt.
Townsend, WA. and will junk our way up and back. I will have
plenty to blog about upon our return.
Until then, be safe and well,



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