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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Next Project

 This is our guest room.  We don't have many guests
as  nobody likes us most of our friends and
relatives live nearby.  This bedroom set has been passed
down to the oldest daughter since it belonged to my 
great grandmother.  It includes a dresser and side
table not in the pictures.
I am moving my Andy's Attic "office" into this room.
It means rearranging things a bit but will give me a private
place for all my junk.  We my husband will paint the room
starting today.  I am very excited about this change and
quite frankly it is all I think about.

Moving my things out of our shared office means another
project down the road.......redo of the office.  How fun is
that??  One of these days the house will be finished.

More of the project soon,


PS  Thank you to all who commented on the new blog look.
I am still working on changing a few things and appreciate the
feedback very much!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I needed a change

The blog has looked the same for too long.  I've  been
blogging about 2 years and just am sort of tired of the look.

I had wanted  barn wood on the sides for a while but
couldn't find what I wanted.  Well, lo and behold, blogger 
has their own backgrounds (yes, I am slow to catch on) and
there was my barn wood.  Then came the header........ I liked
all the color in the old one but decided on a collage that 
includes me  (yes, the little girl is me).

So now I need some feedback, please.  I am far from being
a designer and I want a happy looking, cheery blog.  I am wondering if 
the barn wood is too dark?? Are the pictures too dark???  Am I over-
thinking it all??  Should it simply be one picture for the header instead 
of a collage??  You will not hurt my feelings if you tell me the truth.  I 
like the truth.  Please leave a comment for me so I can ponder more

If Irene is around you, you are in my thoughts.  I've been through hurricanes
and they are not fun!

Till next time,


Friday, August 26, 2011

More going to Andy's Attic

A couple more pictures...instant vintage hanger collection.

And a wonderful old silverware chest.

I wanted to keep it but must let go........

Hope everyone is safe and healthy!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back and ready to BLOG

This weekend I am taking new things into Uncovered Ruby
in Battle Ground. They will go in while we are closed over
the weekend so may be found there next week.

This old Bible is one of the items. Large and interesting.

The Standard Reference Bible.

Signed in 1944

Back pages have pictures.

Also found some interesting old papers.

A patent with no year inscribed.

An improvement on carts.....

Sellwood General Hospital Certificate


Much vintage jewelry... pins, bracelets

Bags of goodies,

rhinestone sets......

earrings and necklaces....

and of course the usual odds and ends....

1969 Nabisco saltine tin

Since being MIA, and then catching up and then having company,
I think I am back!! There will be more to go into Andy's Attic, too.
I'll be working on it all week (mostly) :>)

I have missed my blogging buddies and hope to post on a
regular basis!! Thanks for your patience,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun times for next week

Next week there are two
Flea Markets to attend...
did you know???

Aug. 18th from 1 till dusk:

Aug. 20th from 8 AM to 4 PM:

A Vintage Gathering

Details can be found on their blogs.

PS. I know I have been MIA....things in my life should settle
down soon and I will be back at it here in blog land.


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