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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Year Ends, and One Begins

26 years ago I was a nervous wreck. I was getting married
the next day. Yes, tomorrow is our 26th anniversary.

The sky tonight was very dramatic. I called my sweet
man into the front of the house to "look at the clouds" as
I have done for so many years. And he still appreciates
the fact that I enjoy the clouds.

He is my very best friend in the world. I find I love him
more than I used to. I find myself just watching him
sometimes and wondering how I ever got so lucky.
Of course there are times when we drive each other crazy.
But mostly we are still in love with each other and we really
like each other. He makes me laugh and feel secure. Our
personalities compliment each other. I am proud to be with
him, to love him, and be loved by him.

Happy 26th Bunky, I love you,


Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun Finds

Between keeping Andy's Attic stocked and piling things up
for A Vintage Gathering, I find that shopping is a must.
These are more of my recent finds.

And when I grow up I will learn how to operate a digital

I love this sweet bed jacket. The sleeves are scalloped and
it looks hand made.

Wooden boxes are another weakness of mine. They don't
have to be decorated but aren't they beautiful when they
have some sort of picture?

This hanger is a cutie. And turquoise is the new hot
color for 2010!

A sweet pink frame and a vintage cake cutter. Love the

And I couldn't resist a bunch of hankies. My mother always
carried one as did my grandmother. They were such a
necessity before disposable Kleenex became readily available.

I hope your treasure hunts are successful. Is anyone looking for
anything specific? I am always curious,


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Cowboy followed me Home

I found him this weekend while I was out with a friend. I
was not looking for Cowboys but this guy just caught my
eye and I decided to take him home. The landscape reminds
me of central Oregon. Many people don't realize that on
the other side of the beautiful mountains is a high desert. Hmmm,
I am growing more fond of this cowboy and may just keep him.

This picture may give you an idea of how eclectic
my taste is. The purple is strands of crochet. The
pink lamp is very sweet and the bottom part lights
separately...sort of like a night lite. Of course I love
baskets....but rick rack?? Silvery, sparkling rick rack?
I don't even know if I am spelling it correctly. It will
probably go to the shop or the flea market.

There really is quite a bit on that cardboard........

Lately, for some reason, I am drawn to wire baskets. And
they don't have to be old or even some unusual shape....
They just seem so functional. If I don't like the color
I can just spray paint them!

Here is one I found that I like just the way it is.

A different view. It sort of seems to have an attitude. I
like the curly with the all the other shapes.
The flea market season is starting and I'm getting excited.
I often wonder if the people who just drop by a flea market,
but don't go to thrift stores or garage sales or estate sales,
have any idea how much work it takes to pull one together.
Before I ever did one I had no concept. What I do know,
is that they are fun and the people are wonderful. While I've
been a collector forever, I am a newcomer to this adventure.
I treasure the friends I've made.
I think I need to go now and check on the cowboy. I'm not
sure how to break it to Mr. Attic,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Vintage Gathering

The season is starting May 8th for A Vintage Gathering.
Details on our blog
If you plan to go the Barn House we are very close by!
Hope to see you there,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Incredible Give Back

Heads up! Laura at 52 Flea is having a 400th post Give Back.
If you have never seen her blog you owe it to yourself to do so. I don't seem to know how to make a
link to her blog so you may have to type it in yourself.
Or you can see my side bar for her blog.

Laura's blog has the most exquisite photographs and she is a
flee market junky. Her Give Back (as she calls it) is one to
enter because she is giving what you like. You let her know
what you would like to win!! Go see her now and enter,

Monday, April 12, 2010

I went to Miami for the Weekend

But this Miami isn't in Florida. It is at South Beach
State Park just south of Newport, OR.

Usually twice a year we go "yurting" with 5 other couples.
If you don't know what a yurt is----you are looking at one.

This is Mr. Attic unlocking the door. I am not one who
really likes to rough it very much. Yurts are my friend.
They have locking doors, windows, heat, electricity (lights
and plugs) and furniture. Plus a wood floor and a patio.

They come with the futon for extra sleeping, plus a table with
four chairs. There is also a clear dome at the top that can
be opened in good weather. The walls are made of a canvas-
like material.

This is the bed which is a queen-size on the bottom. The
windows are covered with curtains for privacy and are made
with outside covers to protect from winter weather. The
windows are really more like screens.

Yurting is a blast. The yurts have fire pits and at least one
picnic table. No cooking allowed inside the yurt. We take a
blow up air mattress to add some comfort to the bed. Many of
the Oregon and Washington state parks have yurts. We have
stayed at many different parks and if you are interested you
need to make a reservation 9 months to the day ahead of
when you want to go. Something different to think about!

AND, stay tuned as A Vintage Gathering is having a Flea Market
May 8th and details will be coming soon......

Mark your calendar,


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Return from vacation.....

This is what greeted us upon our return home.

We had a wonderful vacation visiting my oldest brother
in FL. We got to see my niece and great niece who are both
just lovely.

We saw my nephew and his wife and great nephew, wife
and kids. And my nephews' wifes' daughter.
And we got to meet my brothers' girlfriend. She is
a treasure. They are so in love and happy and it just makes
me smile to think about them!

Then we moved on to GA. and visited my friend from
forever and her husband. They took us to see sights and
fed us like we hadn't eaten in months. One of the things
I do miss about living in the south is the cooking. My
friend cooked collard greens for me that were to die for!!

We made it home safely and both of us have a bad cold
and cough. The perils of travel. But I wouldn't trade it for
anything!! We didn't get to see everybody I had hoped but
it was up lifting to see family and friends that I haven't seen
in too long. I love them all and miss them.

Until next time,



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