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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1971 Crafting

Found this at a thrift store.
Dated Oct. 1971.
In Oct. 1971 I was not thinking about crafting.
I was thinking about packing my car for my
move from Alabama to Oregon.  Let's see
what I missed....

Instead of "risking my life", as some
people saw it, I could have made this
awful outfit out of a kit.

Or I could have been "marrying ancient crafts".

I remember these cute little bags
from the late 60's.  The magazine even
gave two pages of mushrooms for your use.

sorry about the glare

The colors look a little psychedelic to me.

Hmmmm, psychedelic mushrooms.  I
think not.

Instead of gazing over the rim of
the Grand Canyon, I could have been making
Christmas ornaments like these.  Now I just
look for them in thrift stores and at sales.

Rather than driving along and seeing beautiful
scenery, looking forward to my full independence,
having more fun than I could imagine,
I could have been cutting up bottles.

I wouldn't trade my trip for the fun this magazine
suggested, but I do enjoy looking through it
and remembering those good old days!! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Finds and a Question

Please forgive the messy garage....these are some
of my new finds.

A cute child's step stool plus chair (the "step
up" swings around to make a chair back)
and an unusual old tin.

Two sweet sayings.  I may keep the
Friendship one because I have a large
collection of friendship sayings.

Cool old JC Penny tool holder.  I know
it needs to be cleaned so it will
look much better.

Tulip vase that also needs to be cleaned. 

Wonderful old floral picture.....yummy colors.

And finally the question.......

To paint the stand or let it keep its
"I've been left outside" look?

And if you vote for paint, would it be
plain white or a bright color like
red, blue, turquoise, yellow, green??

I will be using it for display but
 it will also be for sale.

Till next time,  stay safe
and be healthy.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Andy's Attic Downsized

This is the "old" location inside
Uncovered Ruby. 

This is my new, smaller space,
in a different room.

What is amazing to me......

is that I didn't really take home that much

and I still have more room to fill.

So, excuse me while I go price some things.

Until next time,  be safe and happy,


Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Year Ahead

Pictures for this post are random

I am not usually one to make resolutions
for a new year.  This year I have been
thinking about things I want to do,
and things I want to change.

I wonder whatever happened to that daredevil
young woman I was.  The one who drove across
the US alone, who raced her sports car, who flew
a plane all by herself.


Did she become more cautious as she
got older?  I know she is not more afraid.
Maybe now I am more confident in me,
not needing to "prove" that I can do
anything I want to, because I know I can.

My Munchy

This year I want to spend more time
with the people I care about and the
people I want to get to know.  I have downsized my space
at Uncovered Ruby and will be at the Plucky Maidens
Show in April in Portland.  I am reducing everyday
concerns and trying to challenge myself.
At 63 I just want to be me.  Take it or leave it.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband, and
friends and family who love me.

I am a lucky girl!  (but I do miss racing
the car, always loved it)



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