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Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas Sale

Thank you to everyone who shopped at Andy's Attic
this last year. I have enjoyed having my little Attic
and filling it with treasures. You are all the reason I can
continue this
All my Christmas is 50% off. And, I also have 50% off
all Orange or Purple tags. I hope you can run into Uncovered
Ruby and take advantage of the sale. They also have Christmas
on sale and some vendors have more on sale.
May you all have Peace, Joy, Health, and Happiness in the
coming year, Annette
Uncovered Ruby is at 510 E. Main in Battle Ground
Tues. through Sat. 10:30 --4:00

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas

Well, I think we are decorated. My wonderful hubby
got the tree and decorated it. The little cushion covered
in deer and birds is my kitty Munchkins' bed.

These old toys (not the tree) are from my childhood. I am 61 so they
are older than dirt!

One corner of the great room.

The church and tall trees are from my childhood. The
only ones that survived. And the red wagon is the third
of the wagon toys.

Just a little decor.

Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas and a New Year
that is full of all good things. Thank you for viewing my
little blog. I'll be back after Christmas,


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter and Decorating

We are now thawing out from some very low temps. Like
9 degrees. This is our water feature in the backyard...still
flowing but very frozen. This was several days ago.

I finally started decorating and here is part of one of my
collections. Elegant reindeer. I just love the grace of
how deer move and their lovely eyes.

Most of the ones I have are vintage. Many sizes and

The little guy on the left is "cute" but will grow up to be

This one is newer and rocks back and forth on a stand.

And this has nothing to do with the
collection. Just thought you might like
the vintage look...isn't it great?

Must get back to work, Annette

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree.....

Uncovered Ruby is having a Progressive

Evening this Friday from 5PM to 8PM.

I stopped by the shop today and found

all these trees waiting to greet you. The
store is 20% off for the sale.....don't miss it!
Check out Uncovered Ruby on my side bar.
More later, Annette

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Collection Confession

This is my latest addition to a collection that
started many years ago. This one is special
because finding a square one is unusual.

The vibrant colors are what first caught my eye. And at
first I would use them for storage as some are large.

Well, as the collection grew, they began to become part

of the decor of the home. Our new home has high ceilings
in the kitchen which is a perfect place to stack up a

collection of baskets. But as with most things that a
person collects, they aren't all large----some are medium,

and some are small. So now they are all over
the place. And this confession of a collection
does not include the other types of baskets
I have collected.
So now I have to confess that I collect many
things. One of these days I will sit down and
make a list of all my collections. And, if it is
true that having three of one thing makes a collection,
then my list will be llloooooonnnnggggg.
Are there people who only collect one or
two things? There must be, because I know my
husband doesn't collect
This is a man who goes to Costco with a list and
comes home with what is on the list and nothing
more. So, I guess we balance each other out.
What do you collect? Do you have a favorite
collection? An unusual collection? Will you
More soon,


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