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Friday, January 29, 2010

On the Hunt for Fun Junque

It is all about the hunt for me. I can
spend hours looking in thrift stores
trying to find something that looks
right and is priced right. This little
dogie shoe holder is one such thing.

I still have a love/hate relationship with Goodwill.
This beauty came from there and was priced so I can
resell it......WOW!! Many of their prices around here
are more like an antique store than a thrift store.

Love this old file drawer. I get so excited when they "mess" up and price a good
thing low enough that it is worth buying. Is this happening
all over the country? I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago
and the GW up there was priced lower than in our area.

Isn't this great fabric? It is either a wall
hanging or a table runner. Lined in pink and
full of fun color.

This cute little doll was one of my
favorite finds. This was not GW but
a local, wonderful thrift shop called
The ReGifting Store in Vancouver, WA.

So those are some of the recent finds.
I've actually been very pleased lately
with what has been available at thrift
stores in the area. I feel like I've had a
Good Luck Fairy on my shoulder.

May the Good Luck Fairies be with you,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have A Heart

Our shop is closed on Sun. and Mon. so I sneak in to
do my thing. Today I discovered that more had sold
than I thought (Yea!!!) so I find my self once again
rearranging everything. These are some of the hearts
that are available at Andy's Attic. Hope you can come by
soon...they need a home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glass Violins Are Not For Playing

Yes, it's another collection. This one started quite a while
ago. I am no longer adding to this collection unless I find
one for 99 cents at a thrift store. (which I did last year)
These are what I call glass violins. I don't really know
what the official name would be.

An antique dealer 20 years ago told me that the cobalt
blue violins were actually what Milk of Magnesia came in.
She could remember them in the pharmacy. They do have
a different shape from the others in my collection.

These are purple. Some are a deep purple and some
lighter. These, and most others in my collection, I think
were originally made to be a vase. As you can see, some
of them have hangers. And some of the hangers look
like the bow of the violin.

These are the aqua or turquoise group. You may notice
that they are different sizes. The cobalt violins are all
the same size but the vases vary from short-medium-

And these are the greens. Here you can better tell how they
vary in height. When I was a little girl (early 1950's) my
mother had two green violins on our back patio. She would
plant ivy in them for the summer and then they would come
down in the winter. None of these were hers....I don't know
what happened to hers. But I know that was why I was drawn
to them.

I have a couple of clear ones that you can see in the first
picture over to the left. They had screw tops and some sort
of liquid was in, maybe.

If any one out there in blog land has any more information about
these violins I would enjoy learning more. They have become
harder to find and rather expensive but they are making repos
of the cobalt blue.

Thank you for stopping by. If you would like, please leave a
comment. Annette

Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Have To Kiss A Lot of Frogs

In a previous post I mentioned I collect many things.
One category is Flower Frogs. Metal frogs......

Bird frogs.....

There are more bird frogs....

And more metal frogs.....

Same group from a different angle. I don't
remember when I started collecting frogs.
Probably when I got interested in gardening.
They come is such diverse shapes and styles.

These are ceramic frogs. Wonderful colors and shapes.

Different angle again. Aren't the colors lovely? The only
kind I don't really collect are glass frogs. I have a couple
that I actually use but don't display. All of the frogs above
are displayed in our sun room.

These frogs are in my potting shed. Some
of these are plastic and others metal.

I just think they are great!!
Things that were made for a
function but take on an art
form when put together in
groups. And I'm very thrifty in what I will
pay for one. The prices have gotten very
high and I really do have enough now, don't
I don't kiss these frogs but I have been
known to hug one or two.........Annette

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last Year's Things

I know I already posted about the sale at Andy's Attic.

But I went in last weekend and rearranged things so that
most of the items on sale would be together. And I was

overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that is 1/2 price.
And on top of that I marked other things down. Those

of you who have a space/booth you
ever just want to get it all out and start over?? That is
where I am right now. I want it gone, sold, taken away.

A fresh look is needed. When I started The Attic
I decided to make my own price tags out of different
colors for different months. That way I know how
long something has been sitting on the shelves.

So things are for sale at a bargain. Dealers welcome. Thrifters
and bargain hunters welcome. Any one who loves a deal
is welcome. Please help my psyche and take some away.

I am in one of those moods that my husband, not
that,.....I want to get rid of things. Sort out the closets, and
drawers, and garage, and potting shed. And it extends to
Andy's Attic. A new year means a new beginning...starting
from a different angle, a new look. Out with the old, in with
the new.

Anyway, the sale will go till the end of the month. I will be
bringing in new things along the way. I hope you can make it
to the sale and see all the other new things in Uncovered Ruby.

Thank you for reading my rant, Annette


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