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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pictures of A Vintage Gathering

Me, Amy From Into Vintage, and Michelle
from My Shabby Passion

Sue of BirdSong and Mary Jo of Faded Rosie

Francisca of Bee and Mason

Melanie of All My Favorite Things

Chris from Mac and Momma
(she has a blog and cannot get the
URL to work...see my sidebar)

Denise from Junque Soiree

Cher (in white) from Voondi

the Iron Works man

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Vintage Gathering: THE BEST

Of all the times for my camera to fail!!!

I am hoping someone will send me pictures
to share with you.

This sale was the best by far.  We had the
most wonderful vendors and we all had
a very good sale.  We were busier than ever
and people came from far and wide to
visit us.  We are so grateful for our superior
customers.  The weather was perfect, too!

I met two bloggers that I have followed for
a long time. First I met Liz from
Seabold Vintage Market.  Liz was doing the
Barn House show up the road and came by
on Fri. with her husband and their sweet
daughter Hattie.  We have been trying to
meet up for a few years and this was a
wonderful surprise.  It is like seeing
an old friend you haven't seen in a long
time.  Wish we had more time to visit!!

Second was Teresa from Meadowbrook Farm.
She is from Montana and was doing a sweep
through the northwest that included coming to
A Vintage Gathering.  Again, it was like seeing
an old friend. And again, I wish we had more
time to visit!

I learned that these two women are as
wonderful as their blogs make them seem.  My sale
was the best I've ever had money wise, but
the real treasure was meeting these two and seeing
so many other friends and customers.

This was the last show I will do. There, I've
told the world!  My mind can handle most
of it but my body can't.  Today I feel sore and
tired and exhausted.  Doing these shows takes
hours of work and effort so please always
be kind to the vendors you see.  They have
put alot into the show.

I will post pictures (hopefully) later.  Thank you
to everyone who came to see me and all the
other vendors who shared in the wonderful
experience.  All of you made this special!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My "Sort of" sneak peek for a Vintage Gathering

Modern technology has gotten me again!!

I got things put out so I could take a few pics
and my camera decided to die.  So, I changed
the batteries and it still wouldn't work right.
So, here is all I have:

I will tell you what I am bringing.

Small furnature, chairs, shelves, big
signs, shutters, linens, pictures and
frames, books, many, many smalls,
(including things for 25 cents), boxes,
cases, dishes, stools, headboard, baskets,
and the list goes on.  I'm still working
on things so see ya there!!

Friday 5 pm to 8 pm
Saturday 8 am to 4 pm
17414 NE 199th
Battle Ground, WA.

Free parking and free admission, music
food and fun junk!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We came home from vacation and
found our yard had exploded with blooms.

The hydrangea has never had so many

So pretty...



Bee Balm's first year.


These were just leaves when
we left.


Our tree in bloom (really a

Grasses and ferns are happy.

We have a huge yard and
not all of it has been  "done". These blooms
are dandelions and a volunteer tree.

This lovely orchid is in the sun room.

And it smells great!

I will not blog for a while because I am
working on things for A Vintage
Gathering  which is July 27 and 28th.

Please see the blog at
and/or our FB page

I'll be back the meantime, please share
your smile :>)


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