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Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it SPRING yet???

Today was a very pretty day for February in the Great
NorthWest. So I got "Spring Fever". This is the
Potting Shed...or as some refer to it...The Cottage. This
is my little space that I am supposed to share with my
husband. He wants to use part of it as a green house. We
still have to finish the inside with insulation and walls and already has a heater and an air conditioner. (Oh,
yes, it's The Cottage.)

As you may be able to tell I have moved in. This is all
my stuff! I started to get it ready to work on my things
for Andy's Attic. But then it got cold and the heater wasn't
strong enough to keep it warm without some insulation.
And this is where we store things for the winter. UGH.

But don't you see why I have Spring Fever??? I just want
to be out there with all my stuff!!

This is the workbench, or display bench, or place where
I put things that I like to have around.

And this is a closer view of one of my many collections...
....small flower pots.....many colors...many styles. This is
only the part of the collection that will fit on this particular
shelf. Oh, my, the more I blog about my collections, the more
concerned I get about how many there are and how much
"stuff" I have. But you understand, don't you?? How you
find that cute little pot shaped like a bunny and it would be
so sweet with the other pots and so it comes home with you?
I know someone out there understands this. And I walk in
to "The Cottage" and feel blissful, relaxed, and content.

So SPRING needs to get here so I can move the stored
summer furniture out of my Cottage and move myself in!!
What do you want to do when Spring arrives??

Until I blogitate again,



Florence said...

I love your little cottage. I have one but mine is so full that I can't hardly get in the door. I really need to purge it and finish with some insulation too. Happy sunshine. Florence

~~Carol~~ said...

Your little cottage is adorable, and I can see why you can't wait for Spring! I would want to be in there all the time, surrounded by that great pot collection, and that sweet little sitting area by the window!

Sue xoxo said...

I love girl forts in all shapes and sizes!! Spring is in the air!

Karen said...

What a fun place to be! It looks warm and cozy! It's funny, I spent the afternoon/early evening out in my own greenhouse, getting some seeds started, and watching/helping my husband finish some wiring that he hadn't completed. It's going to be so nice now, to turn switches on, to have the fan up where it's supposed to be, etc. It feels good to have a place to hide, doesn't it?

Faff Around said...

Wow, look at all those great pots. Loving the whole little place.

Chania said...

The Cottage is so blissful, what a good word for it!

Anonymous said...

HAAA...we built a shed in the backyard for all of our bicycles and camping stuff. NOW I wish I would have taken it as my own....your's is just beautiful and soothing! It speaks CREATE SOMETHING! Lucky ducky you!

Heidi Ann said...

"Someone out there understands this", all right. BELIEVE me,
I understand!! My myriad collections are threatening to run us out of the house!
I think I need my own little "Cottage"!
I love yours.


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