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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturdays Fall Vintage Gathering

Our Vintage Gathering on Saturday was so much fun!

Not only did people come by car, pickup, suv, and bus
but this little cutie was parked in the middle of everything!

When walking around you could see so many vintage

And some that weren't so old but held the charm of
the season.

We had more vendors than ever before and they were

There were clothes made from vintage fabric.

And old quilts used for tablecloths.

Fall colors were all around.

And the cow at Beyond the Garden Gate smiled!

For those who love Pyrex, this was your place to be.

And the elegant was mixed with the primitive.

The day was just splendid. I didn't get as many pictures as I had
planned. I met really nice people and it was a very happy place to be.
Thank you to everyone who came to visit us. We appreciate the bus
load from up north, the Oregonians who crossed the river to see us,
the first timers and the people who have supported us from the beginning.
You are all the reason we have grown and hopefully gotten better. And a
special thank you to Cathy at Beyond The Garden Gate who shares her
lovely property and home for our Vintage Gatherings.
There will be more events, so stayed tuned. Have a pleasant week,


Uncovered Ruby said...

Looks great Annette! It was a fun day! Lisa :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have met you in person.

Was a good ole hot time! Lots of fun people.

You took some good pictures. See you again soon.

Christmas Coop

Anonymous said...

This is one gathering I could go to over and over and over again! Great job!

Karen said...

Annette, it was good to be a part of the group, now if I can keep faces and names straight! I wanted to go take everyone's picture and write a list of who they were! I'll see you on the 3rd, right? Karen


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