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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a sight

I just looked out in front of our home and
this is what I saw......
We see some of the most beautiful sunsets! My camera
doesn't really do them justice.
I realized I had not blogged in a while-----I have been very busy
getting ready for our Vintage Gathering on Sat. (see previous post
for when and where). In addition to that I have decided to
expand Andy's Attic and am moving to a larger space inside
Uncovered Ruby. The new space will allow me more room to
have small furniture and move things around more easily.
Many ideas are floating in my head and I think it will take
me a while to get it just the way it should be. I am looking forward
to seeing folks at the Fall Vintage Gathering.
In the meantime, thank you for looking at my blog.

1 comment:

Florence said...

Annette it was so nice to meet you again, I hope that you did well today. I will probably see you on the 3rd of October.


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