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Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry Question

A very dear friend of mine gave me all this jewelry.

Yes, I said "gave me". Do you believe it? My friend is
over 70 and this all belonged to her mother.

Have you ever had such a treasure given to you? I just
started going through it again.

There are so many wonderful pieces.

I need to get some of the sets matched with their mates.

And sort out some of the broken pieces.

The "Mother" pin is a favorite of mine. My friend had
given it to her mother.

And now for the question----does anyone know how to
clean this jewelry safely? And what about getting
tarnish off the metal?
And the bonus question: Who remembers pop beads which
are in the picture above? (white bracelet) I certainly do!!
Any suggestions are welcome. Until next time,


Florence said...

Oh my you sure have some great treasures. Yes I do remember pop beads, I know I had some at one point in time. Sorry I don't know how you clean those pieces though. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful treasures and what a wonderful friend. Have fun going thru everything.

Christmas Coop

Uncovered Ruby said...

Oooooh, how much fun to go through all that!!! I'm jealous :-). Lisa

Karen said...

How fun to get to go through that! Like Christmas, only a bigger surprise! I'm jealous, too! Karen


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