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Friday, April 20, 2012

If you like smalls

Plucky Maidens is only a week away.  (OMG, I just got dizzy)

I am doing Plucky with my friend Mary Jo

from Faded Rosie

Mary Jo is a super good seamstress.
She makes camp shirts like the one
below out of vintage table cloths
and fabric.  She also had an apron
featured in Apronology!!

She also has made some incredible purses,
aprons, and other treats for the show.

Mary Jo also collects primitives. She will
have many wonderful items for sale.

As for me...I sell smalls.  Here is a list of
some of the things I will have for sale:
(in no particular order)

Books, games, buttons, planters, baby dresses,
wooden hangers, vases, mixed media, magazines,
small furniture, pictures, picture frames,
baskets, tins, jars, milk glass, sewing notions,
lamps, pottery, jewelry, bags of do das, and
bits of this and that.

If you like smalls and vintage clothes,
come and see us.  We will be in booth
34 and maps will be available.

(we interrupt this post to get back to work)

Please come and see us...we have a free
smile for you  :>)


melanie said...

can't wait!!!

Kathy said...

Buttons? Bags of do dahs? Say no more!

Into Vintage said...

Milk glass? Good thing your booth isn't right next to mne... :-)

Mitzi said...

I love those table cloth camp shirts! Wish I could stop by your booth for a free smile :)

sherri s. said...

This and that, my favorites! Wish I could come...haven't been to a good vintage/antique/doo dah show in quite some time! Planning a trip to Round Top in October, though (yay!).

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Sounds like it will be lots of fun with all sorts of goodies. Have a good time and a successful sale! ;)


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