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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friendship 2

picture from the Graphics Fairy

There's a special kind of freedom
friends enjoy.  Freedom to share
innermost thoughts, to show their
true feelings.  The freedom to
simply be themselves.


Have a friendly week.

Annette  :>)


BirdSong said...

love you my Friend!!

Kathy said...

So simply put and so true!

Andi's English Attic said...

That photo is amazing. xx

~~Carol~~ said...

That's such a great photo, and those words are perfect! Have a great week, my bloggy friend!

Evi said...

what would I do or be without mine.
Love that photo. Just purchased one with three women, maybe sisters. But they can be best friends too.
Andy, thanks for your sweet comment. I have been in a rut here.
Did what you more crazy words to leave a comment!
Have a wonderful holiday,
Hugs, Evi

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Annette!

Whew, isn't it just about enough? It has been raining here so hard that it's like sheets of water running down my windows. I have tons of errands to do but I hate going out in it. Even with an umbrella you're soaked before you even get inside the store. I've really had my limit. It's making me very crabby. Can you tell? :-)

My daughter and I actually did brave the rain and went to the Big Indoor Garage Sale in Chehalis on Saturday. OH MY. We were such troopers and it rained the entire time. But, here's the good part, we found some treasures and I'm so happy we went. And, of course, we had to stop on the way home in every, single spot we could find. :-)

Have a wonderful's to FrienDshP!


Mitzi said...

I'm sure you know how much I love vintage photos, and those two gals are just great! Thanks for posting it, my friend!


Into Vintage said...

Lovely to have new friends come into your life too. :-)


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