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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sad News and Happy News

Uncovered Ruby

Uncovered Ruby  is closing.  My little Andy's
Attic was started inside this shop because Sally and
Lisa gave me a chance.  This is very sad news for me and
many vendors and customers who love this shop. We are
hoping that someone will take it over and keep the effort
going forward.  Sally and Lisa took a chance with
this venture and it worked out.  Thank you both.

On a happier note:  My cat Munchy got new grass today!

So all is well in her little world!

Till next time,

Be safe and give someone your smile   :>)


Vintage Station said...

What a bummer!! Maybe you could get together with some friends/dealers and open a store in our little strip is cheap! and you could work one day a week if you get enough peeps. Gresham actually has 4 new antique stores so we feel it might become a destination!

Mitzi said...

Hi Annette,

I hope your antique mall gets sold to someone so you can keep your business going! Have you thought about taking it on yourself?


Evi said...

I am happy to see that somebodies world is purrrrfect!
I am so sorry the store is closing. Hopefully something else good will come up!!!!!
Have a great week, inspite of the bad news.
Hugs, Evi

Kathy said...

I am SO sorry to hear that your venue is closing! Sending good vibes your way for the next great place!


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