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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1971 Crafting

Found this at a thrift store.
Dated Oct. 1971.
In Oct. 1971 I was not thinking about crafting.
I was thinking about packing my car for my
move from Alabama to Oregon.  Let's see
what I missed....

Instead of "risking my life", as some
people saw it, I could have made this
awful outfit out of a kit.

Or I could have been "marrying ancient crafts".

I remember these cute little bags
from the late 60's.  The magazine even
gave two pages of mushrooms for your use.

sorry about the glare

The colors look a little psychedelic to me.

Hmmmm, psychedelic mushrooms.  I
think not.

Instead of gazing over the rim of
the Grand Canyon, I could have been making
Christmas ornaments like these.  Now I just
look for them in thrift stores and at sales.

Rather than driving along and seeing beautiful
scenery, looking forward to my full independence,
having more fun than I could imagine,
I could have been cutting up bottles.

I wouldn't trade my trip for the fun this magazine
suggested, but I do enjoy looking through it
and remembering those good old days!! 


melanie said...

ohhh...I think I need a mushroom purse!
so glad you came to Oregon!

Kathy said...

I like the mushrooms. Go figure - LOL! When we bought this house the kitchen had yellow walls, orange cabinets, green countertops and appliances and mushroom curtains. With ball fringe. Almost forgot that part. Those were the days, alright!

Into Vintage said...

Hooray for 'risking your life!' :-)
Is it just me or does everyone in these photos look like Shirley Partridge or Sonny & Cher?

Florence said...

Oh how I could relate to so many of those things from the 70s. Wow! Hugs! Florence

Evi said...

good Lord....macrame....
It seems all very funny now. Wonder what these girls, who made these things, would have thought about our crafts.
Probably what we think about this.
Many hugs, Evi

Teresa said...

I don't know, all looks pretty darn groovy to me!
(maybe not the outfit though. The outfit is pretty scary.)


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