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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks for your help, Blogland

I knew you would help me figure this out!! Thank you to

Kathy who identified the the cards as a German card

game called Skat.

(Tonight's sunset)

And to Andi of Andi's English Attic ,

and Terri The Treasure Hunter

for recognizing the dice as Poker Dice.

Apparently the two were placed in the same box but
do not have anything to do with each other. I am so glad
you all helped me with this mystery. Now I will separate
them and move on. Thanks for putting my mind at ease,



Mitzi Curi said...

Annette, your sunset pics are so beautiful! That little pack of cards and dice is something I've never seen before. I love the images on the cards. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and as always, I appreciate your comments!

one gal's trash said...

I saw your post on Anything Goes Here about the apple you had when you were a kid. I want you to know that it is now my MISSION to find one for you! I LOVE having a THINGS TO LOOK FOR list!

Karen said...

So nice to know what you found! The cards are wonderful! Karen


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