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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Progress is being made. Many things had to come out
of the garage before they could go back in. Some of them
didn't make it back....see the golf clubs by the car?? Well,
it turns out my sweetie had 3 sets of clubs (I thought he only
had two.) So one went to the thrift store!

Here consolidation is being done. It really takes time...

You can see the little car made it back inside. But all the stuff
in the foreground has to go somewhere so we can get one
more car in there.

Found my way back into this hole and have
made progress here, too. Probably can't do much
more for a few weeks but I feel like things are
moving in the right direction. I discovered many
items that can go to shop that I had forgotten
about because they were buried :>)

Progress is a good thing,



White Ironstone Cottage said...

This post made me laugh

I have let go of a lot of stuff and now we have room for the car in the garage
good job for the progress one step at a time

Florence said...

Alright Girl, progress in the making. I need that bug! Hugs Florence

Karen said...

We must be on the some train of thinking! I stripped my pantry, got it all organized, then hit the kids' bathroom, then on to my "hobby" room. Got it pretty organized but I'm still coveting YOUR little cottage studio n begging f/one lol! I'm determined to have every drawer and cupboard cleaned out by spring- my way to get rid of winter lol!

BirdSong said...

Wow!! So impressive......I guess I'd better think about organizing mine as to keep up with the Caspers!!!! Miss ya Sue xoxo

~~Carol~~ said...

You're making great progress! And your husband sounds wonderful. I wish mine didn't place so much importance on being able to fit both cars in the garage, because believe me, I'd have alot more cool stuff!

Evi said...

Annette, this so strange and funny.
What is happening in your home, is happening here too. Hubbie started to clean out the garage. Oh my God..there is no end in site...we did not do our yearly clean-out last year.
Where to put it all!!!
We have 2 vans, the house was build when you had smaller cars. So, a car will never go in there....but all this junk, where did it all come from.
I will attempt to clean out my corner today.
We are expanding our bathroom a little more into the garage.
Wonder, did you get both your cars in?
Oh,the Scat-cards brought back memories!
Many XOXO, Evi

sherri s. said...

It's an epidemic! I too spent several days in my garage--in the Etsy was boxes and bags on the floor, but now there is an IKEA shelving unit, bins, and some organization! Yay! Still no room for cars, though (it's also laundry room/workout room/craft supply storage). Still have to tackle my craft stash, but it feels soooo much better. AND: I have that same little sewing box (the green one with the yellow lid/trim) that I can see in your photos!


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