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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Collection Confession

This is my latest addition to a collection that
started many years ago. This one is special
because finding a square one is unusual.

The vibrant colors are what first caught my eye. And at
first I would use them for storage as some are large.

Well, as the collection grew, they began to become part

of the decor of the home. Our new home has high ceilings
in the kitchen which is a perfect place to stack up a

collection of baskets. But as with most things that a
person collects, they aren't all large----some are medium,

and some are small. So now they are all over
the place. And this confession of a collection
does not include the other types of baskets
I have collected.
So now I have to confess that I collect many
things. One of these days I will sit down and
make a list of all my collections. And, if it is
true that having three of one thing makes a collection,
then my list will be llloooooonnnnggggg.
Are there people who only collect one or
two things? There must be, because I know my
husband doesn't collect
This is a man who goes to Costco with a list and
comes home with what is on the list and nothing
more. So, I guess we balance each other out.
What do you collect? Do you have a favorite
collection? An unusual collection? Will you
More soon,


Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hey Lady,
you do like color :)
Hope to see you at the show tomorrow.

Florence said...

Oh I do have many collections too, that is a good idea I should write down what I have as collection. I definitely collect white pouring pitchers and of course many other things as well.

Sammy Girl said...

Yep! Gotta love those guys who let us use "their space" as well as our own!
Hugs and have a super week!
Betty :)

shabbyscraps said...

I am afraid my confession is I collect almost everything!! It's bad!!
xoxo, TIffany


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