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Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's the Attic all about?

Yesterday I went to a friends 70th birthday party. She happens to be my junking mentor. So there were many junkers there to talk to. I was asked several times what I sell in Andy's Attic and really had to think for a response. The Attic is very eclectic. I don't specialize in anything. Personally my list of things I like goes on for a long time. So the Attic has a little bit of whatever. Mostly vintage, but some things that just catch my eye. The walls have pictures, wall pockets, valances, shelves, anything that can hang. I have small furniture because my space won't hold much and a couple of bookcases (mostly for display). And then the long list... nick knacks, salt & pepper, vintage tins, candle sticks, McCoy like pots, vases, tea towels, vintage greeting cards, spice sets, hammered aluminum pieces, bowls of various size and style, flower frogs, bottles, buttons, yarn, silver trays, wooden boxes, lamps, baskets, some books, pillows, on and on. I guess I will have to post more pictures and if you are in Battle Ground you may stop by Uncovered Ruby at 510 E. Main St.
More soon, Annette

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