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Monday, August 10, 2009

Favorite Find

Here is the close up . How cute is that?? The bottom is green felt and the little yellow flowers are felt. One flower has a red pin for the center so I will have to add a couple more colorful pins.
I went to take some new things in to the Attic today and totally forgot my camera to take
photos for the blog. This is a steep learning curve for me.
After getting home I took pictures of what I found today and thought I could have them both show up in the same post but it looks like they will be separate. So now there is another thing I need to learn how to do. If anyone knows a good tutorial about how to do all these things I would be thrilled to know. I use the blogger "help" but they use some terms that are not familiar to me. Thank you for your patience. Annette

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BirdSong said...

Hi Annette, Your blog is awesome. See you at the Vintage Gathering/Beyond the Garden Gate this Sat. from 8a-4p

Sue /BirdSong


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