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Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013-----A New Year

The new year  is here and I am making plans.
Since I am not in a mall space anymore,
and am not doing shows anymore, I am
taking January to organize my home/life.

This little Munchkin will help, I'm sure. See how
well she keeps the tissue paper in place? 

More time needs to spent in the Potting Shed
this year.  I rarely had time to go out there
and just relax last year. 

And I want time to take some little trips
and have adventures with this young man. :>) 

As I look forward to spring, I will get things
organized, hopefully put another car in the
garage, and in Feb. I hope to get my Esty shop
really up and running.  I think I just needed a
break from all the junking frenzy of having a
space and doing shows......and then I jumped
right into Etsy!  Not a good move for me at the
time.  At 64, I have decided to do only those
things that I want to do, or love to do.  Not
the things I feel I "should" do for some stupid
reason.  So much of what we do just really
doesn't matter in the overall scheme of life.

So there I am.  I hope to have more fun blogging
with my new camera.  Although I had to find out
from Deb  how to upload these pictures to
blogger 'cause the regular way wasn't working.
Thank you Deb for your help!!!

Enough rambling...share your smile,
someone may need it!  :>)




A break sounds good! Nice photo of you and your sweetie!
Getting organized is on my list this year along with a few other things!
An etsy shop sounds good.
Glad I could help with the uploading issue, I had help too so it was easy to pass it on!

Kathy said...

Your plan sounds just perfect to me and I say good for you in your prioritizing. Have fun adventuring with that young man of yours!

Gail Thayer said...

Have a great time with that new camera! A new year is great, too bad it's not Springtime.....this year I would love to bypass Winter!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Annette! :-)

Good for you! Sometimes all that stuff can just take over, can't it? I had a mall space a number of years ago and it was all consuming... the shopping, estate sale-ing, cleaning, fixing, refreshing, painting, sewing, pricing and then fluffing and taking care of the space. And always on my mind.. knowing I had to do this or that. Then someone would actually leave me a note to tell me prices were too high... oh my. I think Etsy is a much better venue.. I hope you do fabulously.

Happy New Year dear girlie...


Mitzi said...

Happy New Year, Annette! I can't believe you are 63! You and your hubby both look younger, although 63 doesn't seem that old, now that my brother just turned 60. Your pictures in this post are beautiful! I hope you enjoy more time to relax this year without the antique mall booth and shows.

Lisa Love Harris said...

Hey, sweet lady! So love the look of your blog and your wonderful post. You're busy doing the same kinds of things I am. Love that about a fresh, new year. I'm also trying to get my Etsy shop up and running. Best of luck and much success to you this year. Peace, love, and all the best stuff to you.xxoos

sherri s. said...

The blooming tree is too lovely! And once you get your home/life organized, would you please come down here--road trip!--and organize mine? ;) (hope this doesn't post twice--darn Blogger!)

20 North Ora said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. I have done booths and craft shows and to me, Etsy is a piece of cake compared to those! My shop is going to be two years old in March. I love working at my own pace without the hassel of sitting up for a show, standing on your feet, etc, I am in the process of revamping my Etsy shop and starting with all new merchandise.'

Good luck!



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