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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Treasures I found

Last weekend I went to thrift stores,
garage sales and estate sales.  Here is
some of what I found.

Two adorable lamp shades.  They
would be so cute in a girl's room.

An assortment of goodies.

Not sure what this is but I like it!

Toot Toot shovel, glitter, large spool of
heavy thread, old razor blades and
flower embellishes.

Coffee jar (needs some cleaning),
Barbasol jar, some flower frogs for
my collection, Vick's blue jar.

Colorful knobs, enamelware glass,
alphabet stamps,cute metal Easter egg,
 and an iron wheelbarrow.

Two great pillows, the hanger they
gave me (sweet cover)

Made in Japan paper napkins, Coors
baking dish, white Red Wing candle holder,
two fridge dishes, green plate, bushes and

An old hole puncher, and blue metal
letter holder (actually got two of them).

Some of this will go to the shop , and
some will stay with me for now.

Hope you had a good weekend of
treasure hunting!


Kathy said...

Annette, these are amazing finds. You got some treasures I seldom run into like those old faucet knobs and the tin shovel. I really need to get out more! 8+)

Sarah said...

LOVE the pillows! The fabric is amazing!!

Mick said...

Looks like a fruitful weekend!


LOT's of goodies! The best part is buying for the booth...

Into Vintage said...

Faucet handles are so hot right now although I'm not sure why -- what are people doing with them? Those little pink shades are *amazing!* Great haul, Annette!

sherri s. said...

What a haul! I have sooo much stuff but keep going out every weekend nonetheless! I love the flower frogs--you should post your collection sometime (unless you already have?).

Mitzi said...

I like your treasures, Annette! I saw bracelets made from those colorful faucet handles in one of the Stampington magazines. They were very cool!


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