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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Visit

These guys come by on a regular basis.
They are not afraid of humans.

If you try to run them off they don't
go very far.  Then they stop, turn around,
and give you the "look".  You couldn't
catch them if you wanted to!!


Kathy said...

Oh, how delightful to see them in your backyard - until they gobble up all your flowers, of course!

Into Vintage said...

I love seeing these guys out in the yard -- we used to have a mother and her triplets come through. Their 'look' was usually something along the lines of "Please pass me some roses."

sherri s. said...

They're so lovely, aren't they? I love to watch them. I know they can be really destructive to a garden, but much nicer to watch them than m gophers!


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