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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Been a Junkin

Lately I have been having some good luck at
thrift stores, estate sales, and a rummage sale.
These are the sewing accessories I found.
Rick rack, needles, wooden spools, Pendleton
label, etc.

Also some fun vintage sparkling trim.
Here are some of the miscellaneous things I found.

I really messed this up.  Not sure what happened to this
picture.   Anyway, found some cute little
cups and picks.  Love the really colorful picks.

Sweet old tin, hanging down are old nylons, two
sweet little oil paintings, and a ton of di.

This is a very unusual metal frame.

Moe of the dice, sweet little mirror, flower frog,
vintage floral pins, and the two little red topped
canisters fit inside each other and the small one
has dice inside.....too cute.

Adorable squirrel bookends.  I have a collection
of squirrels. Coffee holder, and a better view of
the dice.

These are some of the kids things I found.  In the back is
an ironing board with metal legs.  Cute felt ornaments,
shoes, watercolor set, cowgirl pillow.
The Paint Box is from London.

This pillow is one of my favorite finds.  It is filled
with lavender.  It is heavy and I put it through the
dryer in case of bed bugs to freshen it, and the
whole room smelled of lavender.

There were more good things I found but I needed to spend the day getting
Christmas items ready to go to my booth.  Hope you have a good weekend.
Until next time,  keep safe and good health,



Kathy said...

Oooooh! Sewing notions are my favorite find and love those two flower pictures. Great scores! I think we are both in Portland so, well, dangit!!

melanie said...

Wow...great finds...if you decide to sell that paint box...let me know...might have to buy that from you :)
have a great week!

My Shabby Passion said...

Hey girlfriend! I see you have been busy hunting and gathering. As always, great finds! I am on my way to the shop right now, to make it all Christmas. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see you there!

BirdSong said...

You made a haul!! Good job..xoxox

Into Vintage said...

Those squirrel bookends need to go in my cabin! When I get one, that is. :-)

Hope your event at Uncovered Ruby was a huge success. I need to do some Washington shopping soon before I'm trapped in the Gorge.

Mitzi Curi said...

I have one of those Louis Sherry boxes too. I just love the colors! Little boxes of sewing notions are full of surprises, aren't they?

sherri s. said...

Ooh, yes, fun scores! Love it all. I have so much stuff that I am on a junking fast (except for church rummage sales...I can't go totally cold turkey!).

Evi said...

boy, it looks like you hit the jack pot with all these wonderful treasures.
As you well know, I am partial to all sewing things. Love the frame and paint box, the mirror, and, and........
Have a wonderful weekend,
hugs, Evi

Teresa said...

Oooh, you scored, Annette!
I found a very nice five dollar frame today, but other than that, I've been striking out at the flea markets.
Enjoy your goodies!


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