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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Andy's Nest is Finished

This is the guest part of the room.  The white cover
on the bed is just an old shower curtain to protect
the mattress because usually this is covered with my
junk I am getting ready to sell.  When company comes
(next weekend) the bed will be made.  :>)

This is the real "Nest".  My desk with my wonderfully
slip covered red chair.  (Thank you Mary Jo, Faded Rosey)
I like to pile things up around me.  It makes me feel cozy.
My kitty has her bed in front of the window so she can
see the birdies, and bunnies, etc.  Storage items are
placed to make a stairway to her bed because she
has a little trouble jumping that high.

This is what I see when I sit at the desk.  This is where I do
paperwork and pricing.

This is area next to the cat's bed.  Just some things
that I like to have around, or have a plan for later.

Even the back of the desk has things piled up. It never
seems to end.  The desk is an old oak teachers desk so I
covered it with fabric.

My view out the window.  On a sunny day it is very pretty
and I can actually see down to the road.  We will plant more
things out there for a nicer look in the spring and summer.

The full other side of the "Nest".  You can see the sweet
Munchy in her bed.  (she is the black blob).  Suitcases
for storage, the long library table was my mothers, the sides
pull out lengthwise to make it larger.

So there is the tour.  I had fun putting it all together and
I really am comfortable in my Nest.  I call it my Nest because
I don't create, or sew, so it is where I "nest".

Until next time please be safe and stay healthy,



GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Very nice NEST!!! One day I'll have my own nest!
My doggies have a spot in the sun by the computer and craft table.

BirdSong said...

Pictures just don't do it's soo cool!!

P.S. Please don't call my niece a black lump........thank you....


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Nests are a good thing to have. Yours turned out awesome!

Florence said...

Your nest looks perfect and I can tell you love how it feels. I know that feeling very well. Hugs! Florence

sherri s. said...

Looks lovely and cozy...important to have your own space, which I don't really have at the moment. New Year's resolution project, perhaps? I'm having a hard time managing all of my Etsy goods--they always seem to be everywhere!

Mitzi said...

Annette, I could move right in and feel totally comfy! I like my goodies piled around my feet, something my husband doesn't understand at all. Your colors are so cheerful, and you have a lovely view. Aren't you lucky!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Great job, Andy.... I can so relate with the stuff piled up around me. :-) I love your plan for your kitty. How sweet is that? What a lucky fella he was when he chose you! I love that little three drawer cabinet. I'll buy anything with extra storage space.

Have fun nesting in your new, great space!



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