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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother. 1909-1988

This is one of my favorite pictures
of my mother. The hair style had
just come into vogue and she got

This is another favorite of mine.

My mother was almost 40 when I was born.
Fortunately, she was a woman ahead of
her time.
Her goal in college was to be the Dean of
Women at the University of Washington.
However, she gave that up to marry my father.
They had lived next door to each other since
the age of 9 and he is the only man she ever loved.

She was a woman of principle...We had moved to the
deep south in 1959. She had a very difficult time
with segregation. Once, in the 60's, I had some
kids over and one young man used the "n" word.
My mother asked him to leave the house. "We
don't use that word in our home", she told him.

She loved The Beatles!! When they were going to
be on Ed Sullivan, she told me to come home
early from church youth group to watch them.

I miss her! And I have found many things in
life that I wish I could ask her about. And I
appreciate her more as I get older.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.



Mitzi Curi said...

Oh Annette, your mother was beautiful inside and out! I love her "Marcelle" hairdo, and her fiesty attitude about the language used in her home. Way to go!

melanie said...

I miss mine too! Happy Mom's Day to you...see ya soon ! :)

~~Carol~~ said...

It must have been amazing growing up with a Mom like that, because it sounds like she was a real free thinker. Definitely a woman way ahead of her time!

Sarah said...

I love this post Annette! It brought tears to my eyes. Your mother certainly was stylish and ahead of her time! xo, Sarah

sherri s. said...

So lovely, inside and out! I just came back from visiting my mom. It was fun...we laugh until we cry.

sherri s. said...

So pretty...nice memories you have of your mother, who was obviously pretty on the inside as well! I just came back from visiting my mom--we have a good time together always, and I treasure my time with her.


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