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Friday, April 29, 2011

Stuff and Junk

Here are a few things I found this week.

One sale I went to today was fun but not very

When I got there I was number 57 (not a good
start). In addition to that

I see one of my buddies and her number is in
the twenties.

Then, after she goes in I see another buddy (and
blogger) with her friend who both have numbers
lower that mine.

So here I find myself out side with many other
people knowing that there are at least 4 people
inside looking for the same things I like.

So, another lesson learned (and one I really
already knew) GET THERE EARLY!!!

Even though I didn't find a whole bunch of stuff
at that sale, I had a great time seeing some
buddies and sharing some laughs. To me that is
the best part. There is plenty of stuff and junk
to go around.

Please remember to recycle,


melanie said...

I love your finds...
and I hate when I know there are people scooping up stuff ahead of me at estate sales...
and then walking out with armloads...
so...lots of time I don't even go...
oh, I am a jealous one!
hope you have a great weekend!

Teresa said...

Oh, that would make me crazy, Annette! I would probably at least attempt to snatch their number right out of their hands. Glad you got to see your buddies, though, and it looks like you found some really good stuff!

Vintage Station said...

That's why I don't go on the first day...I hate seeing what I can't have!!

Sandy said...

I htink I would not be a good canidate for these sales, I would have to keep my temper! LOL i LOVE the box of chalk and eraser, the graphics are wonderful!!!! And that pretty and of course the tea towel! Lucky you! Good finds! :) Sandy

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

OK, now I called that displayed!!!
Hugs my frined. Love those finds

sherri s. said...

I admit to being jealous when I see people walk out right in front of me with something I would have wanted...I try not to be, but I am! That being said, I never go to sales first thing because I find it all too intense with dealers--I'm one too, now, BTW, with my Etsy shops--going at it. Makes me too anxious...I figure anything I was meant to have will still be there half an hour later! Lovely finds...

Uncovered Ruby said...

Ha, ha, this made me chuckle. I feel the same way, but then I realize, there's a world full of 'junk' out there! L ;-)

Karina said...

Looks like you had a pretty good haul after all. Thanks for sharing. There is always next weekend.


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