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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What?? Spring?????

What a beautiful spring sky. Bright blue with
very fluffy white clouds. This is the view
looking north..........but wait........

I turn around and look south and this is what
I see. The beautiful spring sky being overrun
with dark, dark, rain filled clouds. I hope your
Spring sky is the beautiful kind.

Till next time,



melanie said...

love the pictures of the sky...just gorgeous...and so Oregon/Washington...
my FLEA MARKET STYLES came in the mail today...
jumping for joy, I am !
thanks so much!

Into Vintage said...

Just took a long walk while it was sunny for an hour but it's gone again... did see some blooming flowers which must be a good sign. :-)

Vintage Station said...

Yes. sure was a springy day...rain, sun, rain, sun, rain....but at least I could open the door of the shop for awhile to let some real air in!

Florence said...

I savored every little bit of sunshine I was given today. Spring will come! Hugs Florence

abby jenkins said...

We just came back from Deer Valley, Utah and man was it hard to leave, the skies were bluer than blue and they just got a foot of fresh powder the night before. Bluebird day they call it. I really wanted to "miss" our flight out but was so happy to come home to our dog, our home and our garden. There is no place like home, rain or shine.


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