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Monday, June 28, 2010

What makes you feel peaceful?

Many things make me feel peaceful. These are some
visuals that make me peaceful. This is Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood is about an hour drive out of Portland, OR.
These pictures were taken from Washington. She is
my second favorite mountain.

This is my Munchkin...almost as wide as long but she
makes me relax and smile most of the time.

And tonight's sunset. From our front porch.

The sun going down......

After a beautiful, sunny, day

And rising up in some other part of the world to start
someone elses day.
What makes you feel peaceful???


Uncovered Ruby said...

sitting with my kids and reading a story. loving on my critters. spending quiet time with my husband. these make me feel peaceful!
beautiful pictures annette..L

Sarah said...

The beach gives me a sense of peace and renewal. I only get there about once a year, but I love sitting on the sand watching the waves come in or the feeling of sandy cold water between my toes. Also we have a nature preserve here and I love walking through it with my boys.

sherri s. said...

Lovely...I'm a sunset nut myself. I always say a few words of thanks for another day here on earth...

That flea market looked so fabulous. Y'all definitely have the eye for the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

greatings from the Netherlands, I just looked at your lovely blog!!!

greatings Karlijn


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