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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Post with no pictures

I don't usually post about disaster. But I feel I must
put something out there about the Gulf Coast and oil.
The reason for no pictures is that I have seen enough and
my memory is full to the've seen the pictures, too.

I grew up on the Gulf Coast. If you have never been there
try to imagine sand that is the color of sugar. My grandmother
visited us once and took home a container of sand to show
how pure white the sand is. The water is blue and green and
warm. When I need to relax I picture myself on a blow up
raft floating in the gulf with the gentle waves rocking me
while the sun warms me.

The right or wrong of all of this is up to you to decide. I just
know that a part of our beautiful country is being devastated.
The people who make their living due to the Gulf will be hurt
for years to come. My favorite seafood is peel and eat shrimp.
It could be gone. The white sand could turn to a slick mass of yuk.
The beautiful water could turn to a murky mess.

People, families, businesses, beaches, eco systems, could all
be devastated. Hurricane season is predicted to be worse
than average. More devastation.

No matter how you feel about what is happening, please, please,
put these people and wildlife in your thoughts and prayers. So
much depends on this area being saved. I just hope that it is
within someones power to do so.



Florence said...

They are and have been in my prayers. How much can one part of the country endure? Hugs Florence

sherri s. said...

I know, it's tragic...I feel for the people, of course, but my heart just breaks when I see an oil-slicked animal. And who knows what the long-term implications of this will be. Le sigh.

seabold vintage market said...

I feel the same . . . and I am definitely praying!!


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