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Friday, November 1, 2013

Friendship Friday

Today marks a new chapter in my life.  For
those who don't know, when you go on
Medicare, it starts the first day of your birthday month. For me that is today...I am now on
I began Andy's Attic when I had a space in a
mall and did shows.  I have phased that part out and also decided that I don't want to do any
on-line selling.  So, for now, Andy's Attic
is being retired.  I have another blog:
which I will start using for Friendship Friday.
But for today.....

Just thinking about a friend makes you
want to do a happy dance, because a
friend is someone who loves you in
spite of your faults.

---------------Charles M. Schulz

See you at My Pinecone Cottage


Kathy said...

Love the pictures with this one, too. I will be following at Pinecone Cottage!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Happy Birthday month and had no idea about the Medicare thing. Will follow you on Pinecone Cottage dear...

★Carol★ said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Month, and I hope you celebrate all month long!

I love your Friendship posts. My friends are so dear to me and I feel so blessed to know them. Have a great week, my bloggie friend!

sherri s. said...

Me too, Happy Birthday month--it's my husband's birthday month, too. Sagittarius? Look forward to seeing you over on your other blog. How's that adorable kitten?

Helen Wong said...

Love the pictures with this one, too. I will be following at Pinecone Cottage.

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Karen said...

Guess I'd better visit Pinecone Cottage!!


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