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Friday, July 12, 2013

Friendship Friday

Today I am showing you the things I
won from Deb's blog Garage Sale Gal

This fits perfectly into the Friendship
Friday as I have made many "blogging"
friends over the years.  Deb is one of them.  I love her blog and the things she finds and was
thrilled to win her giveaway!!

Upon opening the box

I found a sweet card from Deb.

Tinker Belle decided she needed to
help me open things. 

Except she wanted to chew instead of open!! 

These are all the goodies that were included. 

A sweet pink hanky, a lovely linen towel,
two little cards, and a chintz dish. 

 A couple of stickers, buttons and little
"tickets", precious little clothes pins,
an adorable toothpick with a chick in
an egg,  and a playing card with a house.

To top it off were two very sweet hand-
made cards, a couple of post cards, and
cute little name cards.

I am a lover of "smalls" so this package/prize
was perfect for me!!  I am so happy to have
won and hope you will visit Deb's blog for
some fun and eye candy!!

Thank you Deb!,  for the prize, but mostly for
your blogging friendship!!!!



melanie said...

I love her blog!! Great give away... Miss you friend... Come visit this week?


You are so welcome and I do hope you will enjoy the little gifts!
I'm so thankful for blogging buddies!
Happy weekend!

Kathy said...

What a sweet prize! I love those tickets. I'll take one ticket to Hope, please - hehe!

sherri s. said...

Lovely! I (poor poor me!) never win anything on blog giveaways, alas. A sweet giveaway from your friend.

And that fuzzy wuzzy kitten...argh, my head has exploded from her adorableness!

Gail Thayer said...

She sounds like a great friend but no doubt you are so deserving..............hope you're having fun!


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