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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friedship Friday

Meet my new Friend,
Tinker Belle

She is a rescue kitty.  I did not want a rescue
kitty.  Hear me out...I was under the misguided
idea that rescues were feral, or abandoned,
cats/kittens nobody wanted, were put in cages and then someone "rescued" them.

I did not realize there are rescues that
really care for these cats/kittens.  I responded to
an ad on Craig's List and went to look at
another kitten.  The wonderful foster mom
thought I would be more suited for Tinker.
She was so right.  I wanted a lover cat!
My last two cats had been taken from mom
too soon and were not really socialized well.

I wanted a cat that had been "mauled by
children".  By this I meant one that had
been around a family with kids and other pets.
A kitten that had been handled from day
one.  That was why I did not want a "rescue",
because I did not know about places that
foster these little babies.  I don't know why
I was so clueless.  I also found that they
give her the first two vaccines, deworm, check for diseases, put in a micro chip, and spay and
neuter.  Price:  $80 for one  $100 for two.

But I got my lover kitty.  She loves  to be
held and snuggled.  She is not afraid of
every little noise (except new ones) and
she is the perfect kitten for me.

If you are looking for a great rescue for
cats/kittens in Vancouver, WA.
Furry Friends is the place.

and a web site



Kathy said...

What a sweetheart of a new friend!!

Gail Thayer said...

She's a beauty, so happy she found you!

Maria (Magia Mia) said...

She is Purrrfect......:) Thank you for getting a rescue kitty. So many sweet spirits that need to be loved.

sherri s. said...

Oh, such a face! She's gorgeous, congrats!


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