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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I like Bunnies

I have not posted in forever!!  Just feel that I have nothing
of interest to post.  But, I like bunnies and I thought
maybe someone else does too.
These are bunnies inside out home.
A sweet little card sent to me by
Laura from 52 Flea.



These bunnies are outside in the yard.


These bunnies are in the potting shed.

We have real bunnies, too, but I don't have
any pictures of those little critters.
Blogger is not letting me align things to the center.  Or, perhaps,
I am not doing something correctly.  Probably the latter.
Anyway, those are our bunnies.  Cute, huh?
The outside bunnies will be brought inside soon.
They aren't fond of the rain and cold.
Have a great week and please share your smile.


melanie said...

your bunnies are so cute...can't wait to shop and play!
happy Sunday!

Evi said...

these bunnies are so sweet. Love them too, but not in my garden where they help themself to my flowers. I guess, like you, they are at their sweetest as house bunnies.
Have a great week,
Hugs, Evi

Mick said...

I MAY or maynot have been humming "The Bunny Hop" while I read the post! We love rabbits too!

Karen said...

I like bunnies too! We have two live ones; I like the fertilizer :-) and I also love those long stretchy folk style ones! Have you been to Canon Beach and seen all those bunnies hopping all over town? Cute! ~Karen


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