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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Answer

The answer from the prior post:

I had this cook book as a little girl.  I never made
the items that were pictured in my previous
post and doubt that I will.  However, I did
make various things from this book into my
20's.  This is one more chapter in my "I
don't cook" legacy.  Love the graphics of it
and the recipes are easy, easy!!  Just my style!

Have you shared your smile today?  :>)


Into Vintage said...

Wow -- I had that exact same cookbook as a girl too! The photos on the previous post took me back instantly. I never did make the potatoes with sails but I did try making the fruity hula girl once. ;-0


WOW, you had your own cookbook! That is cool! It's so sweet and I bet you had fun using it!
Thanks for your kind comments for ME!!

Kathy said...

I don't like to cook either. Maybe I could find one of these for The Husband - LOL!

Vintage Station said...

I had that cookbook too! Actually made the peach half girl once. Occasionally see it at estate sales and am tempted to buy it but alas, I don't "cook" anymore!

Mitzi said...

I didn't have that cookbook, but the potato boats with the cheese sails look very familiar....

sherri s. said...

Gah, the cupcakes and the potato sailboats are genius! I'm addicted to old cookbooks even though I don't cook at all! What's up with that?

may lim said...

What a nice cookbook. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog too. God bless you.

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