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Friday, June 22, 2012

What to Post...

Sometimes I don't post because I
really don't think anything in my
little universe is worth posting
about.  But why not just post anyway...
no one has to read it...

Mr. Attic and I have been working in our yard.
Summer came for two days.  This part looks

this, not so much.  We have a huge
yard  (his choice) and doing the
upkeep is difficult for two people.
Especially when you let it go too
long and the weeds are bigger
than the plants.....

This view is out the side of our
house to our field.

Swing the camera just to the right
and you can see the weeds.  The
large sheet of cardboard is where
I paint things for Andy's Attic.

I made a little hay while the sun
was out...need more sun!!

Threw in the orchid picture because
I really like them...very sweet.

So now the rain is back and I am inside...
cleaning house  :>(

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.  Share
your smile with a stranger  :>)


Into Vintage said...

I'm inside as well thanks to the gloomer weather but somehow housekeeping never entered my mind. :-) Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Kathy said...

Well I thought it was a great post whether you thought it was interesting or not! That little blue cabinet is adorable.
If only the Summer days could come closer together...

Florence said...

I am so tired of the rain. I have been trying to get my dahlias in. Got some in pots yesterday, but have some to go out in the apple orchard. I love the views you are sharing with us. Weeds and all. It just makes it real. Hugs! Florence

Evi said...

Love the little orchide. How sweet. I know how you feel. Like you, we have too much land for two "older" people. We are "fighting" an overly prolific climbing hygrangea right now. Hubby has to climb up high on a ladder. Sometimes I wonder why we did not just plant grass...oh yeah....I forgot...that too has to be cut.
Love your shaded spot for painting!
We had brutally hot and humid weather. It broke earlier. I felt like a wet dish rag.
Take care my friend, better weather will come eventually, even if just for a fleeting moment.
Happy painting and gardening,
hugs, Evi

BirdSong said...

You know, I love bark dust in really large amounts!!!! The yard looks great and I love that little red table.....

~~Carol~~ said...

Well you know a gardening/yard post always works for me! I was just telling my husband that if I had a huge yard, I would just let alot of it go natural, because pretty much all of those weeds bloom, and the birds and bees and hummers just love it. That pergola/arbor is spectacular, and so is the view!

sherri s. said...

Boy, if it were a requirement that a blog post actually needed to be "interesting," I'm not sure I'd be able to post every day! But I think we're always interested in what someone else is doing, right (I am!)

Love your big yard --mine is tiny--and the red table is super cute!

BTW, Tallulah Mae does in fact LOVE coffee (she will knock you over for your Starbucks cup) but that photo was a bit of set-up. She doesn't actually get her own cup (that was mine) and it was in fact empty. We do pour the dregs of our cups into the dishwasher door and let her lap it up. Pretend you didn't just read that!

Anonymous said...

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