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Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend find

I found this bowl of Santa heads.

Why would I want a bowl
of red and white Santa heads? 

Because I am doing a RED and
WHITE Christmas!


Into Vintage said...

I think the real question is: Who wouldn't want a bowl of Santa heads?! :-)

Florence said...

Those were a great find, I am sure you will have fun decorating with them. Hugs! Florence

Kindred Roses said...

Miss you my friend!!!

sherri s. said...

I agree--who on the world doesn't need Santa heads?! The more the, er, um, MERRIER! Anyone who doesn't get that, well...I feel for them!

Mitzi said...

I would love a bowl of red and white Santa heads too!

Sandy said...

I would want them too! :) Makes perfects ense to me! LOL Sandy

Evi said...

what a find!!!!!
You know how much I love my red and white. But this year (after many red years) I changed it out. And yes, you will see "red" again.
I wish you a warm, merry and blessed Christmas.
Many hugs, Evi

Teresa said...

Ha! Amy stole my comment!
I can't imagine what could be more fun than a bowl full of Santa heads.
Great find, Annette!

~~Carol~~ said...

You didn't even have to offer me an explanation. I am OK with a bowl full of Santa heads, no questions asked!


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