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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Mama Bird

Last week I was weeding our retaining wall just off our patio.
In March, when you are supposed to trim ferns...well....
our weather was awful and the ferns didn't get trimmed.
These ferns are all volunteers and I love them.

So, I am out there cutting all the dear fern parts away and
being careful not to cut any new fronds. And I was pulling
whatever little weeds had crept into the rocks. You can
probably see the dead fern leaves on the ground.

As I moved over toward the left, a little bird was chatting
with me. I was also trimming up the knik-knik, which is the
long green stuff falling over the rocks. Really nice but you
have to keep it under control. And the birds chats on.

You may need to click this picture to see better. There is
a number 1 over to the left of the stairs. I was trimming
there as there was a huge section of knik-knik that had died.
So I yanked it out and to my dismay, I see a sweet little nest,
nestled in the rock, with precious little speckled eggs. It dawns
on me that the bird is the Mama Bird. OMG. Her nest was
still fairly well hidden but picked up chopped off knik-knik
and stuffed it back over the nest. I went inside and waited.

Finally Mama Bird goes back to the nest. I have checked
on her every day and she is still there. Thank goodness!!!

Then the other day, (if you can see the number 2 to the right
of the stairs), Mama Bird is after a chipmunk. Literally...she goes into
the big space between the rocks and pecks at him till out he comes.
He runs back in and she is after him again and chases him far away!!

She is such a good Mama Bird and I am so glad I am not a chipmunk!!

Till next time, be safe,



BirdSong said...

Isn't it amazing what goes on in our own yard! There are many worlds besides ours!! I must say the Mama Bird has excellanr taste in real estate.....

~~Carol~~ said...

There's a mama wren in our secret garden that dive bombs me whenever I go back there! I can appreciate her efforts, but I'm only trying to refill the birdbath!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhhh..... YOU'RE the protective mama bird! :-) Yep, I'm happy not to be a chipmunk too.... I'm not all that crazy about nuts.

Love your retaining wall.... it's divine...


Evi said...

loved this post. I was playing "where is Waldo", but found the birdie.It would have been too bad, if she abondened her nest.
Happy to see all is well.
Hugs, Evi

My Shabby Passion said...

Such a cute story Annette. If I were a bird, I would want to have a nest in your yard too! I know you would take very good care of me! Bad chipmunk!
See you soon!

sherri s. said...

Awww, so sweet. I'm going to be redoing my yard, and one of my goals is to attract as many birds as possible. Right now it's all crows (and a few hummingbirds).

Evi said...

Annette, I think it is so lush because we had a hard winter with tons of snow, and also had plenty of rain this spring and summer.
Makes no sense to me...about the harsch would think, things would die from it, but the foxglove were the most surprise.
Don't worry, your garden will get there. You are giving it plenty of love and care!
Hugs, Evi
PS. Still having a hard time to get used to this new way of posting. Some things are not the way I would like...want the pictures bigger and more to the left. Well, next time when Laura comes....


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