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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Favorite Project Part 3

The painting is done.

It took a while because I had a shoulder injury and finally
Mr. Attic painted the whole thing. He is the best.

One of my friends calls this my signature green.

I decided to paint the wood bench and beams instead of
staining them.

It came out just as I had imagined. Now I am in the process
of "moving" in. I will keep you posted.

Until next time, be safe and well,



~~Carol~~ said...

That's a really, really great shade of green! And I like your decision to paint the bench and beams. It has an amazing flow to it, and now all that's left is the fun part. Hope your shoulder is well enough to decorate!

My Shabby Passion said...

Interesting shade of green Annette!
It really does pop! Can hardly wait to see the finished results of your "play house"! Tell Mr Attic he did a great job painting too.

Uncovered Ruby said...

Part 3? Ok, now I have to go back and read parts 1 and 2..I've been absent from blogland for awhile ...your shed's lookin' great!! Lisa ;-)

Evi said...

can't wait to see how it all comes out! There you are, painting away and by the way.....I love the glass door cabinet....., and here I am still dreaming of just such a garden house. Maybe next year.
It has been bitter cold and very windy, so dreaming of such a pretty place might get me through the next couple of month.
You lucky Girl!!!!
Happy decorating,

Teresa said...

Yay for Mr. Attic! I love a fresh, empty, soon to be filled place. That's the prettiest shed I've ever, ever seen. Have fun with it!

the olive kat said...

that looks awesome! hope we can come out and see it in person sometime. That green looks great.


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