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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Favorite Project this year

This is my Potting Shed, aka Big Girls Playhouse, aka
Potting Cottage.

It's been up for a couple of years, but unfinished on the inside.

So in winter it is too cold and in summer ---too hot!

So it is getting "finished"!

We took almost everything out. UGH!!! (Who knew I
has so much stuff in there?) (What about all the stuff
in the garage that I got because "it will be so cute in the
potting shed" ?)
What am I going to do with all the stuff??? Hmmm.

First we get insulation to keep the temp under control.
And then we add plywood to act as a backing for the ..........
well, in about a week it will be complete and I will show
you pictures then.
This shed has been a dream of mine for years. After realizing
that he can't "do it himself" my super husband got
someone to do it. It will be done soon and I will be able to
paint it and hang things and arrange things and be
out there anytime I want/need to!!
Until then, may all your dreams come true,


AuroraSuzette said...

I am jealous! Definately post the after pictures, so I can drool and dream, D & D as I call it. Lucky you.

Uncovered Ruby said...

How EXCITING!!!! I'm still gently reminding my husband that I'd like my own space 'like Annette's'..someday..for now I'll live vicariously through you..can't wait to see the finished product!!!Lisa ;-)

~~Carol~~ said...

I'm so happy for you, that your dream is becoming a reality! Just think, once those walls are all finished, you can play in there all day. Looks like a great place to have overnight guests too. I think I can just about fit on that little white bench, if I hang my legs over the edge!

Florence said...

Cool, I have a studio that I must gut it out, I have way too much stuff. Looks like you will have fun in there. Florence

Junque Couture said...

I have always wanted my own little studio/quiet place! Lucky Ducky!

melanie said...

You know, this post was perfect for inspires me to "talk" my husband in to winterizing the that I can be out there year round...
thanks for the comments on my blog, too...hope to see you soon!


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