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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I've Been Doing

First we went camping on the McKenzie River in Oregon.
This is the view from our campsite. So beautiful.

There are many rafters and kayakers on the river. We
actually saw one guy fall out of his kayak and it went on
down the river and so did he...we didn't hear any bad news
so figure he got around the bend to slow water and was
rescued by his buddy.

Then we moved on to Eagle Crest in Redmond, OR. This
is the full moon from our deck.

Our place is on the Deschutes river...another lovely view.

Driving home over Mt. Hood we see this kind of landscape
that reminds me of the old westerns where the Indians
would all be on horseback at the top of the ridge.

Further toward home the trees are lining the road and
Mt. Hood peeks out in all her glory!

And one of my favorite sights is the runaway truck ramp.
First of all, there was so much traffic that a real runaway
truck would have run over someones car. Second, I have
no idea why the young lady in the VW decided to pull in
there but she was only a couple cars ahead of us. Looked
like she may have decided to turn around.......hope no trucks
were on their way.

We enjoyed both trips but are glad to be back home.

Hope your summer is going well,



Florence said...

What a serene setting you have there in central oregon. Florence

seabold vintage market said...

Hi Annette . . . Love all the vacation photos . . . and the one with the truck ramp is pretty funny!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend . . . You are the one person I was so hoping to meet up at the Barn House Flea - but thought you were all pretty busy as well. I will try and make it to one of your fleas in the future - as I would still love to meet you sometime!!

Hope you are having a lovely summer!! All the best to you . . . liz

Evi said...

what beautiful scenery! And I thought we lived on a mountain....
Although camping is not my thing, I think I could be persuaded!
LOL, Evi

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hi my friend,

Hope to see you soon. Did you sell last weekend at Vintage Gatherings?
Hope you are enjoying your summer

Mitzi Curi said...

Our landscape is flat as a pancake around here, so your pictures look particularly great to me. All that water is so refreshing, too!


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