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Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Vacation

My husband and I spent the last week in central Oregon.
Many people see Oregon as plush and green and hilly.
Central Oregon is a high dessert. Our weather would be 31
overnight and 70+ during the day. I found some great things
at thrift stores in the area and then I saw the flier for "Junk

Between Us Girls" My luck was super because the sale was
the weekend I was there!!!!
It was set up at the home of a fellow junker that
I have "followed" for years in the Redmond, OR.
area. Lisa had a space in an antique mall that I just
loved and then she moved into her own garage, so I
had visited there, too.

So, I get out of my car and the first booth I see is our
very own local, Julie, of Kindred Roses!! How great is that??

This was a super fun sale. I was limited on what I could
buy because my car was already full of other "stuff".

This is Lisa's garage made over into The Back Porch. It
is very cute!!

Peggy is the other half of JBUGs and this bed was in her

More fun things.

And more....... I did manage to get enough that I had to
make two trips to my car. It was so great to see Julie
and she will be at Farm Chicks and Barn House. WOW!
So, for me it was a perfect vacation. My husband golfed
and I junked and the weather was beautiful! And my sweetie
and I had fun together, too. (well, when I just read that last
sentence it sounded like husband and sweetie were two
different people...they are the same..)
I have more to tell you about but that will be soon,


AuroraSuzette said...

Why can't we be in 2 different places at the same time? This show looked so great. I was at Funky Junk, in Puyallup. Glad you had fun.

Uncovered Ruby said...

HOW FUN!!!!! I'm jealous...I wish I could have been with you! That's what I call a great vacation :-)


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