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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here come the Treasures

It has begun....

The elves started bringing treasures today for the
Vintage Gathering Christmas Emporium.

Things started slowly..a few things here and there.

And then it began to grow.

Things near the front window are taking shape.

The outdoors has come indoors with more treasures.

Note that it is now dark outside. But some elves are still
at work.

Special little treasures await your arrival. Just sitting
around looking pretty.

Christmas is on its' way and the Emporium is a fine
place for the elves and you to meet to enjoy the

This is only the beginning. Elves have another day to get
ready for your arrival. More treasures are on the way.
We hope you can come and join our fun. Please remember
we are open every day from Nov. 6th through the 15th.
We do not accept credit or debit cards.
We are open from 10 AM to 6 PM.
We will have new things to offer every day so.....

We all look forward to seeing you,

1 comment:

Florence said...

It is starting to look great and yes I will come and see you all. Florence


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